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October 15, 2012

Marriage and Prejudice

Dear Diary,

I have been with my partner for over ten years. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, in the beginning we were just friends but then one day I realised that we were not going out to dinner as friends: we were on a date.

I am from Pakistan, though I have lived abroad for many years. My boyfriend is white British. I knew it wasn’t going to go down very well if my parents found out about him, they made no secret of how they felt about inter-racial marriages.  One day, while back in Pakistan on holiday, my mum found out about my boyfriend.  She made me promise to break up with him which I, very reluctantly, said I would do.

But I didn’t as I never intended to. My boyfriend and I continued our lives in London but I kept him a secret from most of

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August 23, 2011

Genie in a Bottle

I don’t smoke and I can count the number of smokers in my social circle in the UK on one hand.  The reverse is true in India: I can count the number of NON-smoking friends on one hand, I probably wouldn’t even need the hand to count.  Almost everyone I know in Delhi smokes and they are shocked every time I refuse a fag like they are trying to test me and most of them call me a good girl – are they calling me a geek?

One of my acquaintances in Delhi

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June 2, 2011

The Boy Is Mine

Imagine that the social stigma for delivering a baby girl is so high that some women deny that they gave birth to a girl and claim that their baby boy was taken from them after birth.  Imagine that you’re an oldie enjoying retirement and four middle aged people turn up at your door claiming to be your children and demanding property and inheritance rights.

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May 9, 2011

Revolting Recipes

Last week The Guardian published some recipes with ox tongue and pig cheek.  They sound pretty gross to me even though I’m not a vegetarian.  Some things are simply for dedicated carnivores and the brave.

The recipes reminded me of when my mum used to try to make us eat kidney (shudder) and trotter soup – yes your heard it.  Last year at my cousin’s wedding this soup was served up as a gourmet breakfast in my house

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March 14, 2011

Blonde Ambition

I have been playing around with my hair since my teens, so boring not to that’s what it’s there for. The first time I got my highlights way back in the 90s my mum sniffed at it and was perplexed as to why I would want to look like a poor field worker. It took a while for me to figure that one out!

After a few years with dark hair last year I went back to being a blondie (highlights) and it got quite an interesting reception in my recent trip to Delhi.

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February 1, 2011

Calling Time on Time

Visitors to the Sub-Continent will be required to deposit their watches in lockers at their respective airport arrival lounges and mobile phones will have their time setting temporarily deactivated.

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