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January 11, 2012

Sticky Fingers Part 2

On the topic of “sticky fingers”, it seems that the recession is bringing everyone out desperate measures in many, even couriers trusted to deliver parcels that you have paid for to your doorstep.

Pre and post Christmas, we have had a number of packages go missing; never delivered or even tracked as delivered but not really. Who has them? Who knows?

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July 26, 2011

Mother Care

Recent reports and reviews of maternity units and last night’s Panaroma programme have highlighted the failures of maternity units up and down the country.  With a baby boom of one child born every 40 seconds, patient to midwife ratio at 32 to 1, and complications and fatalities increasing, it is even more evident that good quality maternity care is vital and demanded.

This particular subject is very close to my heart as my own birth story nearly ended up as a tragedy totally due to an understaffed unit and appalling midwife care.

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