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March 16, 2014

Flying Fears

malaysian airlines

The continued anguish over the missing Malaysian flight is just awful. I flew to Delhi the day after the plane was first reported missing, who would have thought a week later that the search to locate it would still be on?

I never used to be nervous about flying but I increasingly find myself feeling anxious.  I know it is illogical and it makes no sense but the more I fly the more stressed out I become. 

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November 9, 2011

Cry Baby

Perhaps all you yummy mummies out there won’t appreciate this post but I have to say there is nothing worse than being stuck on a long-haul flight with your crying brat.

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March 25, 2011

Cockpit Cock-up and Other Stories

A number of pilots who work for airlines in India (including Jet Airways) have been sacked and others are currently under investigation over fake pilot licenses.

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