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March 20, 2013

Manish Malhotra: Trend Maker

Manish Malhotra1

Indian Celebrity, Esha Gupta featured in Manish Malhotra’s show

There are few designers in the Indian fashion industry that can start a trend like Manish Malhotra.  His influence in Indian cinema is so great and the trickling effect on to TV sets beamed around a billion homes is no small accomplishment.  In this way,

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April 24, 2012

Parallel Lives

I wouldn’t say I had a routine but usually my day consists of going to work, having lunch with friends, after work dinner or drinks and an evening at a gallery here or museum there, shopping and so on.   I’m currently in my family home in Scotland and as I sit watching the Pakistani news channels for a few minutes a day with my mum (trying to understand the Urdu and failing badly) it’s hard to believe that we share the same planet and I am shocked with the daily instability there.

In half a week so far there has been: 1 x plane crash, 1 x wedding shootout, 1 x bomb at a major train station.  In this summary I have not included

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