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December 19, 2011

Doggy Fashion

Tutti (right) came into  my friends’ lives as a little Delhi street puppy that was under attack.  Once she recovered from her injury, they tried in vain to find her a home (they already had a dog) but she decided she already had a home with them and so is now part of the family.

Every morning we (me, Tutti, Sufi the tortoise, Batty the other dog and my other two friends) all fight for a spot in the garden where the sun shines for about 1.5hours before moving on, blasted Earth rotations, wish I could hit ‘pause’.   We all never sat so close!

Dogs do feel very cold in winter and here you can see Tutti modelling a very fine dog jacket, so I found some other ones that you could get for your little pooch for Christmas.

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