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August 10, 2013

Too Expensive For You

YSL with black models

We all know about Oprah’s shameful discriminatory experience at an upmarket boutique in Switzerland whilst shopping for Tina Turner’s wedding (Tina Turner’s wedding news is amazing).  Oprah was being judged by the colour of her skin and, according to some journalists who have since analysed the story, the discrimination was also due to her weight.

This story broke in the same week that the New York Times published an article on the disgraceful racism in the fashion industry especially

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June 18, 2012

Branded Victim

Hermès CEO, Patrick Thomas recently estimated that 80% of objects sold on the internet under the Hermès name are fakes: outrageous, non?

Or is it…?

Last week French police managed to break an international fake goods manufacturing ring and even arrested employees at Hermès

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April 9, 2012

F is for Fabulous!

The new F-Type Jaguar was unveiled in New York last week and what a beauty she is!

Jaguars used to be one of my favourite type of cars but for a while they looked

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