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March 21, 2012

Fashion on Fire

We all know about the dark side of fashion production so I’m not going to go into the morals of it all here but I just wanted to draw attention to Indian current affairs that may affect a global brand near you.  These are facts, whether you feel like you want to change your buying habits or write to complain to any brand mentioned that is up to you.

On Monday this week there was a mini riot and complete carnage at a garment factory just outside Delhi

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June 16, 2011

Nature’s Little Dysons

It is ant season in Delhi, monsoon will be coming soon but until then most houses have a little assistance with these little cleaning busy bodies picking up the crumbs we forgot.

Although I appreciate the help and am fascinated by their group activity and team work, looking at them does make me itch.  I am torn between leaving them alone, wanting to wash them down the drain, fearing the goddess of wealth Lakshmi

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