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February 2, 2011

Asian male + arranged marriage = sex crimes?

Today’s The Wright Stuff (Yes, I have a job, cheeky!) discussed racially motivated sex crimes in response to Lord Ahmed’s comments reported by the Daily Mail. Lord Ahmed claims that the gang convicted of grooming and abusing young girls may be part of a larger problem connected to arranged marriages and the resulting lack of love. ..the poor babies.

There were so many things wrong with what he said that I don’t know where to begin for fear of spontaneous human combustion.  Besides the fact that love and sex is not the same, that ‘Asian’ is an unhelpful and dated description of the demographic from the Sub-continent, the generalisation Lord Ahmed made about Pakistani men is even worse.

Some parts of the UK have ghettos of Pakistanis and these men happened to be from there.  There is not an endemic and national community-wide problem of young men organising sex gangs due to arranged marriages and these men were certainly not seeking love from the young girls they attacked.  They were sick pedophiles looking for entertainment and gratification from vulnerable girls including ‘brown’ girls.

Lord Ahmed is correct to raise the important issue of ending first cousin marriages but his comparison to the criminal sex gang was wrong. My brothers, cousins etc should not judged by the actions of those criminals and whether you agree or disagree with arranged marriages, one would never consider them to lead to criminal behaviour.