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August 23, 2012

British Press Fear Leveson

The British press, including The Sun, have chosen not to run Prince’s Harry story showing naked pictures of him in a hotel room in Las Vegas because they fear the backlash of the Leveson Inquiry. Thank God!!!

What someone does in the privacy of their hotel room unless they are committing a crime is nobody’s business but theirs. Prince Harry deserves that privacy surely. If he wants to play strip billiards, then so be it. Who cares????

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July 7, 2011

News Of The World Closing

Just in case you have not seen comments on Tabloid Twits. The News Of the World have just announced it is closing in the aftermath of the phone hacking scandal. Major advertisers have pulled out including Ford, Sainsbury, Specsavers, DFS.

The last ever edition of the paper will be on sale this Sunday with proceeds going to charity.