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September 11, 2012

First Day At School: Mother’s Words

Dear Diary,

I had heard about the jitters mother’s face when their first born starts primary school and how it is more emotional for them than for the child. I didn’t believe this for one moment, until it happened to me.

I was left feeling rejected, dejected and alone as my daughter happily skipped into her class exited to meet her new classmates. I hovered around waiting for her to come running back into my arms and make a great big scene about how she wants to stay at home, but she didn’t.

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September 5, 2011

Free Schools Open Gates

It’s September and the school gates are open. Thrown into the mix this year are the introduction of “free schools”. They are independent schools that do not need to follow the national curriculum, nor do they need to employ qualified teachers, but are subject to the same OFSTED monitoring and exams. They are fully funded by the state and at least for now, have to be an all inclusive school regardless of class, race or faith. There are 24 in total and 9 in London.


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