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July 31, 2014

The God Complex Delusion



It is important to have crushes. A fantasy one (Hulk, Brazilian), a real life one (a new friend), an intellectual one (Richard Dawkins) and sometimes, I even fancy my husband!

But I’m here to talk about the sacking of my intellectual crush, Richard Dawkins, who turned from excellent biologist (superseded only by Stephen Jay Gould who wrote in a more “for dummies” way) to monster raving loony.

Since his book The God Delusion concluded that the reason my mother is religious is because she is intellectually inferior, he has continued to offend for

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May 29, 2013

The Case Against God

the_god_argument a c grayling

I have only been starstruck twice. Once was when I walked alongside David Beckham and my wonderful friend Darren pushed me slightly into him. The second was last night at the Southbank Centre when I went to see the eminent philosopher Prof AC Grayling discuss his new book, The God Argument.  I would happily marry them both (although Becks mate, you will have to promise not to open your mouth).

What an incredible person Grayling is – to harbour such a brain that tackles the greatest metaphysical problems of our time, he has the impossibly rare talent of being able to speak to us, his audience, in such terms that has us laughing from beginning to end.

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July 9, 2012

The God Particle

I wonder what the world’s most vociferous atheist, Richard Dawkins, feels as he reads about the discovery of the God particle.  Has he spontaneously combusted at some of his fellow scientists using religious terminology that is completely unnecessary?

I am of course talking about the Higgs Boson discovery, hailed as the greatest discovery in science

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October 10, 2011

The World is 6,000 Years Old

At least according to a Muslim school in Leicester it is.  Famous atheist, scientist and writer Richard Dawkins recently visited various faith schools in Britain and while he dislikes all of them he was scathing about Muslim schools in particular and the story made the front page of one of the broadsheets.

As a part-time Muslim I do find his experience cringe-worthy.  I remember reading a prospectus for a Muslim Girls’ School in England

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May 12, 2011

Life Is Beautiful

I have been a fan of Richard Dawkins since reading The Blind Watchmaker in my uni days and recently enjoyed reading The God Delusion which came out in 2006.  Dawkins is of course the (in)famous atheist and this is his case for it.

The book includes theories relating to natural selection, some of which I’ve read in his material before, however the slant here is anti-religion. 

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