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August 18, 2013

Can Dark Be Beautiful?

dark is beautiful image

Bunty and I have covered the subject of skin lightening creams before (e.g. here: Nice Tan Lines).  A new campaign has launched in India with the slogan Dark is Beautiful.  Whilst we find this rather patronising, the aim of the campaign is to drum home the message that fair skin is not the only description of beauty and that people should be happy and proud of the colour that they are… in addition, possibly, to educate other Indians to reset their prejudices.

The skin lightening industry in India is worth over a staggering $400 million and the lightening products on offer range from face creams to a fanny wash.  Fairness = beauty = success = happiness = a guaranteed place in heaven??

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May 5, 2011

White Faced Blunder For Body Shop

Are ethics just as important as corporate growth and adding to consumer choice? Given that there is a huge market for skin bleaching products in India, and many other countries, Body Shop in India have launched a skin bleaching range.

The Body Shop claim that one of their core values is to be beautiful naturally

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