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May 5, 2011

White Faced Blunder For Body Shop

Are ethics just as important as corporate growth and adding to consumer choice? Given that there is a huge market for skin bleaching products in India, and many other countries, Body Shop in India have launched a skin bleaching range.

The Body Shop claim that one of their core values is to be beautiful naturally

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February 20, 2011

Nice Tan Lines

If an imaginary line was drawn down a map of the world through Turkey I believe it would be Earth’s Tan Line.

It seems to me that people left of that line, commonly known as The West, want to be browner than their natural skin tone and look forward to every opportunity to sunbathe whether in the park or on holiday, even in the lead up to a holiday, or slap on the fake tan and bronzer throughout the year. People to the right of that imaginary line, The East, want to be whiter than white

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