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May 13, 2014

Polio Certificate to Leave Pakistan


From June 2014 if Pakistanis want to visit countries abroad they need a government authorised certificate that they have been vaccinated against polio after new advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO).  Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon have been singled out as the last threatening reserves of the disease.

Although adults can carry the disease it only affects children often leaving them disabled.  Polio workers in Pakistan have been consistently targeted

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April 24, 2012

Parallel Lives

I wouldn’t say I had a routine but usually my day consists of going to work, having lunch with friends, after work dinner or drinks and an evening at a gallery here or museum there, shopping and so on.   I’m currently in my family home in Scotland and as I sit watching the Pakistani news channels for a few minutes a day with my mum (trying to understand the Urdu and failing badly) it’s hard to believe that we share the same planet and I am shocked with the daily instability there.

In half a week so far there has been: 1 x plane crash, 1 x wedding shootout, 1 x bomb at a major train station.  In this summary I have not included

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