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February 1, 2011

Baroness Warsi: Yay or Nay?

I recently arrived back in the UK from a long trip to Delhi and as I tried to catch up with the life I left in London, I happened to listen to BBC Radio 4’s profile of Baroness Warsi. While I found it interesting listening, I must convey my various conflicts with regards to the Baroness.

I am not a fan of the Conservatives (or any other political party) but I think it’s great that the Baroness has such a high profile position in British politics, ticking so many minority boxes…woman…Muslim…blah blah. She is also educated, articulate and opinionated – all positive traits. Is she unfairly judged for conveniently ticking all these boxes? Is her appointment as the Chair of the Conservative party affirmative action or did she earn the position? What does a Chairperson do anyway?

I found out about her Muslim bashing dinner party conversation comment only recently and even the weekend papers included readers’ letters in response to Baroness Warsi. It is unhelpful to make sweeping statements but I do find many people still being shocked upon learning that I am a Muslim.  I’m just a regular Brit with the same dreams and worries as many other Brits and people around the world of my age.  I hope the positive outcome of the comments is that we learn that perhaps we all need to communicate more openly and on a regular basis even if we agree to disagree about certain aspects.