Love Letters

Alison Moyet’s Love Letters was ringing in my ear as I listened to my friend tell me about the love letter she received today from her new beau.

I get all excited and tingly when I find love notes in obscure places left by my husband. I can only imaging the gooey lovey thing she was feeling at receiving this letter.

But wait there is more….

It didn’t arrive in the post. He is somewhere in Nicaragua and a letter would take weeks to get to her. So he takes a photo of the letter and sends it to her as an image to her phone. No need for Royal Mail.

Imagine, the phone pings and there is a photo of a handwritten love letter from your love for you to enlarge and read.

How cool is that!

In an age where overseas communication is done over quick texts, emails and maybe to odd skype chat. How wonderful is it that someone pours their heart out in a letter. I know it is nice to receive things in the post but his impatience of her knowing his feelings was such that he couldn’t wait weeks.

Who said romance was dead????


4 Comments to “Love Letters”

  1. Very quaint and sweet.


  2. Ahhh how sweet – I still have all my old letters saved from when my husband and I were stepping out! We have now been married 20 years and there is nothing nicer than discovering where you put them last and reading them all again……………….!

  3. Double yucks!

    If my partner sent me a love letter I think I would die laughing.

  4. Vakeel Bibi, let’s hope your partner doesn’t then.
    Bhabhiji, that is so romantic. I do love a bit of romance.

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