Celebrity Wife

Don’t you just love advice from celebrities?  You see, they are Human 2.0 they know how to be a better and wiser version of us so that they can pass their experience down to help us all out.  This time helpful advice is dished out from Gwyneth Paltrow who opined in an interview with Harpers Bazaar that woman has to be a good wife for her husband and she should stay at home if she is to have children.  She may want to bathe with them too. In the same tub. All at the same time.

Thanks Gwinnie we really needed that.  Anything else? I’d like some advice on how to organise my crockery better please.


3 Comments to “Celebrity Wife”

  1. I can’t stand her she is so patronising- she is lucky to be able to stay at home as she has alot of $$$- she comes from a Hollywood Dynasty and her husband is one of the UK’s most sucessful musicians, I am sure the majority of women would love to stay at home with their children but they have bills to pay…save the ‘advice’ Gwinnie or maybe dish it out to your ‘ladies who lunch at the Wolesley’ crowd…and dont get me stared on bathing in the same tub

  2. Have we gone back to Victorian ages? I am really disappointed that a modern woman would think and confess to such old fashioned ad derogatory values. I hate being thought of as a good wife. We are wives and what makes us good or bad is subjective to our relationships not to prehistoric conditioning.
    Go back to making period dramas Gwyneth. It seems to be rubbing off on you.

  3. Urgh – she is simply awful who on earth does she think she is – stupid cow I would love to eat a chocolate cake in front of her and watch her have a heart attack

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