Fossils, Bolly-Punk & Lagoons…Must Be Fashion Week

Fashion Becomes Fossilised

Nachiket Barve 1

WIFW Designer: Nachiket Barve

Nachiket Barve 2

WIFW Designer: Nachiket Barve

Old is the new New but not upcycled vintage … Indian designer Nachiket Barve was inspired by fossils and the balance between the preservation of fragile and strong forms.  The soft colour palette included oat and dusty rose: all shades that suit most skin tones. Dyeing techniques were experimented with to produce interesting sedimentary effects and the  resulting silhouettes included crop tops, sheer panels, skirts and wide leg pants.

Nachiket Barve 3

WIFW Designer: Nachiket Barve

Nachiket Barve 5

WIFW Designer: Nachiket Barve

Nachiket Barve had a shared show with off piste designer Nida Mahmood and the two collections could not be more different!



Nida Mahmood 2

WIFW Designer: Nida Mahmood

Bolly-punk: A counter cultural sub-genre that celebrates and marries Bollywood film art styles with glitch and quirk.

Make of that what you will, Nida Mahmood and quirk are synonymous.  Her collections are always colourful and vibrant with an altogether different energy.  Referencing 100 years of Indian cinema in her inspiration resulted in prints of Indian cinema gods such as Amitabh Bachchan and Madhubala.

Nida Mahmood 4

WIFW Designer: Nida Mahmood

Nida Mahmood 5

WIFW Designer: Nida Mahmood

I set the bar high for Nida Mahmood’s work as she is truly creative.  Whilst Indian cinema iconography is timeless and instantly recognisable, it felt as if Nida hadn’t challenged herself enough this season.  The same Amitabh Bachchan and Madhubala’s old screen shots grace countless t-shirts, mugs, bags and so on.  Seeing the same on a shirt dress didn’t seem fresh or new, even though the dress looked fab.  Still, if you are a true worshipper and collector of Indian cinema iconography then this collection is to be celebrated.

Nida Mahmood 6

WIFW Designer: Nida Mahmood


Chic Lagoons

Geisha 1

Geisha 2

Geisha Designs by Paras and Shalini was inspired by the beach, lagoons and deep sea coral where fast flowing fish provide seconds of colour.   Young and flirty, this collection oozed sophisticated femininity whilst retaining a sense of fun.

Geisha 3

Geisha 4

The designers exhibit abroad extensively and are keen to portray an international and ambitious image. This collection would certainly feel at home near many of the world’s lagoons.



3 Responses to “Fossils, Bolly-Punk & Lagoons…Must Be Fashion Week”

  1. LOVE the last collection!

  2. The pencil skirt in the third image is gorgeous. It looks so delicate.


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