Spiritually Possessed

One of the most frightening things I have ever seen in my life is a person being spiritually possessed and each time I witness this possession I become more and more curious about spirituality.

A traditional Hindu custom and religious practice amongst the Gujrati community is to celebrate Randal Ma who is said to have taken the form of a child on earth. Households will hold a Mataji after the marriage of a son for blessings or at least once during their lifetime to bring good fortune and forgiveness for any wrong doings.

A shrine to Randal Ma is created for the day and the household has to feed a certain number of females (usually young or unmarried girls).  After lunch, garba songs (specifically for female deities) are sung and often during this time, if a Bhui Ma (the human in whom the goddess’s spirit rises) is present then she will become possessed.

This Pagan like ceremony is like a horror movie before your eyes. The spirit dances heavily, panting and screaming as the crowd chant and sing. Their eyes glaze over, their voice becomes quite high pitched and their speech quite abrupt. The put diyas on their heads and bare hands and ask their hosts to perform a number of rituals.

The spirits know what has happened in a family, both good and bad, and have been known to publicly humiliate families by airing the households dirty laundry amongst their guests. Some have identified affairs, alcohol abuse and gambling.

Whilst possessed the crowd flock to bow down to the Mataji to receive blessings. Fortunes can be read in wheat grains and her blessings provided in this which must be swallowed by those who need her solace.

Slowly, they calm down and spirit leaves them. Their human body is tired and dehydrated, but not phased. Normality resumes and conversation takes place. The Bhui Ma who came to my Mum’s Mataji last weekend is a nursery teacher with two young children. On the outside, they seem like a normal family who do really normal things and they were happy to answer any of my rather personal questions.

The children spoke about how they overcame their fear and the Bhui Ma showed us the bracelet she wears that enables her to contain the spirit from appearing anywhere and prevents her from just blurting out personal things about a family. Most of all, when possessed, she remembers nothing.

In Western society, I am sure the Bhui Ma who came to my Mum’s house last weekend would be sectioned as someone with a split personality. A few years ago, I witnessed the spirit present itself in a young lad who we learnt was gay. He told my brother and I that his female alter ego would always present herself whilst he was on a date and sabotage every date. He had no control and again could not remember a thing.

I have often wondered how real some of this is, but the more I see, the more I am inclined to believe that some form of possession takes place. nevertheless, the fact that millions of people believe in them gives them a forum to perform and live on.


(unfortunately I was not allowed to film the Bhui Ma so cannot provide footage or photographs of the event)




46 Comments to “Spiritually Possessed”

  1. Sounds fascinating! I want to come to the next one.

  2. Sounds totally trippy and ridiculous to me!

    If you believe in possessions, then there must be fairies at the bottom of your garden too?

  3. A friend’s sister thought she was “possessed”….. her demon was telling her to have an affair with a married man. Hmmm

  4. Hi all, I’m 22 years old … and recently this year mataji played in me during garba.

    If you meet me, i’m the least person you would expect to get mataji. I have always been a social outgoing person.
    To me this is all new, i continue to live my life.
    I know the mind is a evil controlling place that can make us do bad things. But since a kid i have always prayed and that being from my heart.

    I also use to get dreams of mataji as a kid, she would inform me of people who will be passing over in my family etc.

    I went to a haven recently for maa, and during one of the rituals they break a coconut. and when this happend whoever gets mataji comes out. My mataji had come out instantly at that time. (I had no idea about these rituals etc and when she would come)

    what i’m trying to say, I live in uk. typical british Lad . but have strong faith in mataji always.
    I have always expected these middled age aunties to get maa’s shakti. to my surprise she has chosen to come to me.

    so it dont just happen to these older people.
    Yes i’m gay also. I know Maa comes to ladys and men who are gay or inclined to their feminine side (Maa is a feminine shakti)

    I can’t remember stuff that happens when she connects, but you feel her amazing shakti.

    But maa does not come in random places eg on dates.
    she only comes when her Bhakti is done by people with true hearts. eg aartis, prayers etc.

    she has chosen to come to you, she will not make you life difficult by her coming when your on a date or in a mall etc.

    I dont like the word possesion, as its more of a connection with the universal energy which is her.

    look up “chakras” i believe they are opened up for the shakti to connect.

    **I’m not a person who would seek attention from making this a lie in my life . I actually left the garba after aarti, cause i felt so uncomftable being there as people had seen me like that**

    I have learnt to not run from this, when i go garba etc in the future. and she comes to me again… i will allow her to give her blessings etc to people.

    The maa i get is ambe maa.

    Jai mataji x

  5. Hi Shyam

    Thanks for sharing your very personal experience. I’ve never attended a ritual but it does sound fascinating. I cant even imagne what it feels like as there is nothing even remotely close in islam. I live in Delhi half of the year and am of course surrounded by other religions and festivals so will have to ask around for the next Randal Ma.

  6. Thank you Shyam for your story. It is intriguing to learn how you have embraced your Mataji and she has become part of your life. It is wonderful that your family have supported you and that you haven’t fought it like the man who appeared at my mum’s.
    I have throughtout my life witnessed Matajis. I have strong faith and really do enjoy the ceremony but have to say do find matajis slightly frightening.
    Recently, I met a nursery teacher who got both Ambe Maa and Kali Maa. Her story too was extremely fascinating. She was dedicated to her mataji and divorced her husband so that she could continue practising.
    Bubbly, it is worth attending one of these Matajis and it really an experience.

  7. OK I realise I may be totally utterly offensive here – BUT ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS RUBBISH? what century are we in again – it is all very well you both being all nicey nicey and understanding but it disgusts me that a confused man, just out of his teens, is being brainwashed into thinking he’s possessed by a spirit (are you really a typical british lad Shyam? I do protest to that description) … when it sounds like to me Shyam is simply gay, doesn’t know how to deal with it and then fabricates an alter ego. Oh lord (not your lord, but an exasperated one)

  8. Anonymous, I imagine being gay doesn’t mean you are confused and will therefore experience the paranormal. I’m not being nice about his or anyone else’s experience. This ritual is not my thing, I have never experienced it but am open to the suggestion that strange things can happen.

  9. Anonymous – why would Bubbly and Bunty be rude to someone who took the time and effort to comment on an article? If Shyam thinks he is possessed by a spirit then who cares? To live and let live is certainly very British indeed!

  10. Dude, i don’t need to be frontin about being gay . My family knows… and its not something I hide … i have no problem with it .

    and if you read mataji stories and learn about her… Mata is very dear with the gay sexuality as its a femanine form.

    and yer bruv, im really british,I hang out in clubs as mahiki, loop, paper etc … but just being in the 21st cent … i will not lose my faith .. Learn abt kali yug. when mankind has distanced their being from God … i think that’s what your doing …

    I have nothing to gain about pretending to get mata … all i want from this… people to have stronger faith towards God and help where i can ..

    I have a international ecommerce business which gains a lot of revenue. so i don’t profit from getting mata etc .. (as some people may think)

    I don’t spend my day to day running doing mata’s prayers etc .. i just do my divo twice daily as always .
    and i focus on my business … which is my baby.

    But i wont be here to diss you, i rather you find your enlightenment .
    I Pray for ur atma bruv, that your don’t get to absorbed in the 21st materialistic world to forgot God ..

    Jai ambe x

  11. Anyways peeps. All i can say .. people will come in and out of our lives .. they will question God. but keep your belief strong . even when your life is pushed to the edge … that’s when your tested how strong you keep your devotion to God,… either that be Mata, Krishna, Rama, Allah, jesus..

    all that matter is ur heart and soul is pure and clean .

    Peace n Love x

  12. Hi I’m a Hindu and i would like to think im a clean and good hearted women and i have been to a ceremony just recently to see many young boys and women having a mataji … im sorry to say i do not believe in this part of the ritual at all and has become a form of entertainment. however i would like to ask since when did the Hindu religion accept homosexuals? Homosexuals is actually part of Kali Yuga …. Where same sexs get together and will come a stage where recreation will stop and god will come down and will destroy the earth of course there are other things in Kali Yuga e.g drugs prostatution etc the list will go on …. My point being maa does not have the time to come to earth, posscess young gay guys or even older women even that. This part of the ritual I believe is for the uneducated and vulnerable. Please if you are doing this song and dance be sure to be afraid maa does not accept liars.

  13. Aactualy your wrong… How can you use the word TIME with Mataji .. time don’t exist for her. she is omnipresent .
    And shakti is known to be femanie. and its no written in any vedas scriptures or holy text of santam dharam that homosexuaels are bad. why don’t you visit one of these mataji people, they can show you miracles, and that could even mean come in durga form and smite you off earth ! just go up to one when they got mataji, say your a fake and bullshit … lets see the results 😛

  14. Well jay just to let u know I’m not part of the hoki poki that u mayb into …. Black magic and all. One thing is I believe in maa but ppl who claim mataji has come into them and all that crap is another thing You can’t fool me. I’m happy to go temple and pray and that’s my belief. All this entertainment rubbish is for the stupid. If I want something from maa I will ask her myself don’t need to go watch young boys and women and men dance abt to get credit and attention to tell me things.and yes I believe in scriptures but not the ppl who dance abt crazy that’s my point it has to stop !

  15. Oh and as for smite me off lol that’s for her to decide not for you to tell me haha just shows what a person u are oh well you make my point clear abt the crazy ppl out there creating a performance in the name of .

    • hey peeps!
      Mataji is for everyone – it is a form of transendence / ‘bhav’ which can be experienced when these powerful shlokas, garbas, artis are sung. It creates a great ecstacy and when one does feel that connection – it does really happen!
      Now wether it is potrayed through ‘getting mataji’ or just experiencing bliss from within – that is up to the individual…BUT NO ONE has any right to point the finger at anyone to say that the individual who has this shakti, is a liar or fake etc etc…
      Each to their own.

  16. well said Bliss.
    All im saying is go test your fact in your belief by saying that to someone who gets mataji. so when they actually get Maa. go up and say “yo, your lying, show me your parcho” and just wait and see what happens to you.

  17. Believe only in Allah .. Before its too late!

  18. My mother for years had Mataji visiting her. She could and would never explain it to us, her family. Only now as a 50 something man can I look at all of this and not feel anger. We grew up as typical London kids but having to live almost a secret life when it came to religion. Many times my mother was called the equivalent of a witch and people would stay away. Mataji is not for everyone. It destroyed the relationship and trust between mother and son as in my young formative years I could not readily distinguish between the mother I wanted and the goddess that she appeared to be. The fact that I am still looking for answers today reflects the pain and confusion that persists. To all those who embrace it, fine and good luck. To those whose lives have been altered by it in not a good way…I feel your pain. In my house (Sydney, Australia) I have a place for the Hindu deities…and also Allah, Christ, Buddha, the Jewish traditions, the Dreaming (the Indigenous Australian history and their connection to the land). You get my drift. Spirituality and belief in karma but not a belief that a visiting goddess will transform your life and that around you if you ingest wheat seeds.

    • hi nick,
      I totally understand where you are coming from.
      Having the same situation in my family – it tore us all apart completely whereby I left home as I could / would not accept the conditions with the ‘bhui / bhuwa’ traditions.

  19. Anonymous….its interesting to read your posts ending with belief in Allah. Yes I do believe in the teachings found in the Quran as well as in the Bible, the Torah, the Vedas and many other books of learning. That is where knowledge resides. Those who slavishly follow a religion to its literal ends often possess incredible faith (my mother for one) but hardly any understanding of the foundations of a particular faith. Allah will lead you to the Promised Land for Muslims and the Hindu gods to the Promised Land for Hindus and so on. None of them will lead you to living a balanced life getting on with your fellow man of whatever creed or colour without discrimination. The Mataji phenomenon (cannot think of a better word) meant that my mother had to carry her own food and water when visiting someone else’s home. As kids we never went out to restaurants as my mother could not eat anything. She was consistent to her faith but what about the impact on us?

    I have had tradesmen who are Muslim working at my home recently. They very politely declined offers of food and drink as they had brought their own. They are consistent to their faith but living in harmony with their fellow man? In the Hindu world, also Islam, I have often felt that one is judged by the extent of their devotion to ritual but no prizes given at all for understanding. Good luck to the devotees but remember that there is sufficient latitude in all faiths to be a Hindu, Muslim , a Jew or whatever, to take those parts of each faith which work for you and to lead a balanced life.

  20. Nick… well said, I hope all people be like you, many family suffer by one strong believer in family, I am luck, in my family, my parents never interfere , or force us to believe in any God,
    The mataji phenomenon is strange, why we Gujarti have this more than anywhere else, in world, as millions people live on earth, it must be to do with brain, and memory, to activate, sure it is split personality. kind of hypnosis

  21. Excuse me, you all believe in the spirit world? I truly find it bizarre that presumably educated people believe in this type of thing; agree with Humanist whole-heartedly

  22. Anon, you believe in Spirit world or not is not the question, if you see all this activity then you have to believe there is something there, and good research needs to understand this

  23. Hi
    I keep on having dreams and thoughts that maa is going to come inside me in Navratri.
    It is a heavy thudding feeling which I cant make sense of.
    Then I start breaking into sweats, head pounding and my whole body feeling this electric current.

  24. does maa only come to females and gay not MALES

    • And such bad and evil prevail and exist more in the world we live in. in some cases it is these evil spirits that hide their name and identity of a possessed beings body which is used as a vessel to perform there karama. and claim to be mataji!! this is clearly a fraud and taking advantage of vulnerable uneducated and blind faith individuals that are in every part of this worlds society. they actually prey on innocent people show them a few so called magic tricks to gain their faith so that person gets worshipped! these miracles are all works of practicing tantrics and people that have learnt meli vidya or black magic to you and me in plain individuals. according to sri krishnas bhagvad gita the lord states that a persons knowledge stays with the soul after death and carries on into the new form that the soul gains according to karama of previous birth. in this case even those beings that have learnt the evil art of black magic after death can possesses the body of an individual in spirit form and still practice their black magic claiming to be mataji!!

  25. People do far worse things in the name of Jesus Allah and Krishna. These entities have waged war witning nations and you lot are whining about what some random Bhui did. Seriously sad!

  26. I desperately need to speak to a mataji does anyone know of anyone that I could speak to?

  27. I came across this post a couple of years ago and thought how inaccurate it was and thought to post something then but never got round to it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but to post inaccurate information without fully understanding what Mataji is quite frankly ignorance. I’m not sure what kind of Bhui ma you had come to your house but usually a true Bhui would not humiliate humans and does not need to, nor would she scream. Everyone experiences Mataji channel through them in different ways, some are actually silent and dont speak!

    In this day and age you would think that people would be a bit more consciously aware that Mataji coming through someone is no different to someone channeling a spirit through them, to label it with spirit possession is a little inaccurate and has the connotation of fear. I would also point out that it is not a pagan like ceremony which by the way is not horror, Paganism also has its place in spirituality. It is a gift to have Mataji (which is no different to spirit being) come though you or come to your home via another channel (or Bhui). Because you are in fear you experience fear – energy attracts like energy. I would question who you had come and bring in the spirits to your house if it filled you with fear and you felt scared.

    My mother was a channel for Mataji and many other Mataji came though her since 1987, it is a blessing to have this gift in your home, there is an uplifted open hearted energy supporting the family in everyday endeavors and for the people who come to visit the temple for blessings.

    If you had negative experiences I would question whether it was for you, you obviously have some confusion as to what it is and what it represents. I dont believe it is right to post such things that put people in fear but rather and objective view would have been suffice. The post here is subjective (as oppose to objective) of one experience from someone. If you believed everything you read, one would be quite confused! It is best to follow what feels right for you, rather than follow the words of some else blindly.

    I also wanted to mention that there is no reason a man would not have Mataji channel through him, Mataji is a form of god and why would god choose only to come through one gender to help people (or gay for that matter!) god is non judgmental whether it is Mataji or another form of god, it doesn’t make sense. The rules are set by religion but God does not judge and there to help everyone who asks for it. Spirits come to try to help us, not to harm us and if you’re on the right path it can be a wonderful experience.

    Thanks for reading!

    Jai Randal Mataji

    • Arti, you post is full of contradictions. On one hand you say “everyone is entitled to their opinions” and then you assert what a ‘true’ bhui is…..which is not a fact, but also just your own opinion! What makes your opinion any more valid than any of the other posters here? And then you say that to post such things is ignorant! What evidence do you have that what you have asserted is true and not ‘ignorant’?!

      How do you know that spirits even actually exist?

      Perhaps there is a medical/psychological explanation of the phenomena that is being discussed? How can you just assert that it is true? There are millions in the world from different faiths that would say that you are wrong, how can so many people be wrong and only your own faith the correct one?

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