Whose Hair is it Anyway?

When you walk into a hair salon, does your hair become their property and you lose all rights?  Last week I sat down to get my roots done, my hair was annoying my sister as she and everyone else didn’t appreciate the Bang On Trend fashion look I’d gone for.

My stylist and I got into a bit of a hissing argument (we were arguing but in a very British way by keeping our voices down) over the length of my hair.  I want my hair to grow longer so wanted a trim but my stylist said she was going to cut at least 3 inches off.  She acted completely shocked was rendered speechless when I reminded her that it was MY hair and it wasn’t up to her.   I’m happy to say she backed down and agreed to give me a trim but I only stood up for myself because I’m older and more confident now, there were so many occasions in the past where I’d left hair salons dissatisfied at how much they’d cut off.

Is there any other service where disregard of the client is so normal and getting your money back wouldn’t feel like compensation?  It takes months to grow hair that gets chopped off in seconds.  I’ve had my hair trimmed in Delhi and my stylist there really respected my wishes.  What’s the difference?


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