March is Endometriosis Month

March is endometriosis awareness month in the USA. As this is  a disorder that affects many women all over the world, I thougth I would raise awareness on this forum.

I personally know of five women with endometriosis. It is a painful disorder that causes the endometrial lining tissue to migrate to other areas of the body outside of the uterus and sheds during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Whilst endometriosis is treatable, it is hard to diagnose, very painful and can result in infertility problems for many women. Understanding partners and family members, especially for women trying for a baby is really important. A friend of mine finally fell pregnant after six years of trying for a baby through IVF.  Another is continually harrassed by her mother-in-law on why she is not pregnant.

Asian parents and in laws are not particularly patient when it comes to having grandchildren and the stigma attached to infertility is still damning on Asian brides. The lack of knowledge and understanding around endometriosis is extremely high and women who suffer from the disorder are often misdiagnosed for years.

We would love to hear your stories if you are a sufferer of endometriosis, so please do leave a comment.

More information can be found on


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