Wild Wild West

The UN resolution for the war in Libya now seems to be quite flexible depending on what the rest of the world wants to justify US and Britain considering arming and training the rebels and deploying private security contractors in Libya.  How can this be justified as legal action or is this measure a belated retaliation for Gaddafi arming the IRA?

It seems to be a free for all in Libya and much bullying, or negotiation in diplomatic chat with the rebels.

Representatives from nearly every government are there licking their lips and patting their wallets with our own governement demanding, and receiving, an apology for Lockerbie and compensation for each victim – effectively making the rebels and Gaddafi the same administration.  If we are on the side of the rebels as they are not on the side of Gaddafi, why are we making them responsible for Gaddafi’s crime and making them agree to compensation?  Wild West indeed, the sheriff is as crooked as the baddies.


One Comment to “Wild Wild West”

  1. Cameron is starting to resemble Charlie Sheen. Very slippery…

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