Happy Halloween

Don’t you love Halloween?

My nieces are dressing up as a witch and a black cat and are going trick or treating with their parents.  I was surprised to hear from London-based friends that they were not allowed to go TTing but I guess life is different in the sticks!

My sister and I love watching horror movies, even though not many people come with us any more as we scream too much and dig our nails in.  I also tend to watch the entire thing through my fingers so what’s the point?  Here are a few of my favourites:

Poltergeist – fabulous with the right amount of native American graves, psychics and creepy children.  I once poured a cup of hot tea all over my sister when I jumped in fright.  Carol Anne….

Exorcist – very very scary. Particularly as it starts off with azaan, the Muslim call to prayer! Eek! Religion terrifies me!

Nightmare on Elm St – these films formed such an integral part of my teen life so how I could I not include them? Favourite scene is when a young Johnny Depp is swallowed by a water bed.

Witchboard – not a well-known one but Very Scary movie about a woman who starts playing with a ouija board with terrible consequences.

The Grudge – brilliant! Buffy actress is wonderful in this Japanese remake.

However you get spooked tonight, enjoy the fright!


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