How It Used to Be

Dear Diary,

As I sat down to a fabulous meal cooked by my husband on Mother’s Day, I remembered how it used to be….before we had children.

Romance was high on the cards. Weekends would be about musing markets and shops searching for ingredients on our shopping list and leisurely cooking gastro meals. A bottle of wine may lead to two. Friends would be hanging out at ours till all hours.

Whilst I wouldn’t change life for anything in the world, it is great to reminisce and bring back the things you loved to do.

I felt all loved up today.


2 Comments to “How It Used to Be”

  1. Good for you and “well done!” to your husband. Though the world around you may sometimes forget that first and foremost you have always been an individual … and a woman! The sad story of half the global population is that women’s achievements still tend to be overlooked and often only are noticed when you beat the drums really loudly. A private conversation with a lady from inside the banking sector confirmed that again for me yesterday.

  2. Your girls will grow up in no time and then you can jump back into the romance.

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