What’s In Your Handbag?

Apparently you can tell a lot about a person by the contents of their handbag. I emptied out my handbag to see what was in there. Apart from the obvious, my purse, phone, make-up bag, I discovered I am a hoarder or maybe just lazy at clearing my handbag.

I have old receipts, several pens that don’t work, lots of business cards that I haven’t sorted out, empty chocolate wrappers, make-up bag,  tissue packets, children’s figures and snack bars, raisins that have come out of the packet, lots of scrap paper with notes and shopping lists, tampon, jewellery (that’s where my earrings went), perfume and my precious netbook.

I know why I rarely change handbags and why my handbags just keep on getting bigger. Thank God they are all the rage now.

What’s in your handbag and what does it tell you about yourself?


2 Comments to “What’s In Your Handbag?”

  1. HI Bunty

    My bag is as messy as everyone else but I do hate the dreaded BAG TRANSFER.

    There’s always something that you forget to transfer that is hidden down a secret pocket that you really need in the middle of Oxford Street.

    My bag currently has 2 packets of antibiotic wipes and hand wash – OCD…

    and to make you all a bit jealous – my bag has sunnies packed in it as I’m in 34 degree heat.

  2. As long as you have lip gloss, some cash and your door keys (gals with kids…don’t forget baby wipes!) you should be fine. Although forgetting your oyster card can be a right pain, should you require public transport! At least you’ll have cash to take a taxi!

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