The Sun Has Got His Hat On

The sun is out in London and people seem to be a lot happier. Strolling down to our local high street, I find that more people want to smile, say hello and even the staff in shops are friendlier. Does grey weather give us a grey mood?

I am definitely a lot chirpier when the sun is out. Even with our neighbours, I have a lot more time to talk as I do not want to rush indoors from the cold and rain.  They say people from warmer climates are a lot more relaxed and easy going. I am not surprised. The sun does make one feel less inclined to stay indoors working or doing chores.

In my daughters words, “rain rain go away, come again another day”.


2 Comments to “The Sun Has Got His Hat On”

  1. The sun is amaaazing – got my legs out today and oh my god do they need some love and attention as they’ve been stuck behind thick black tights.

    I love our weather – I love that it’s so grim and then the sun shines and we all rip our clothes off, get into sandals and head to the park armed with PIMMS, strawberries and triangle sandwiches!

    I’m off to place a bet on the Grand National and head to the Heath with some friends .. could life get any better!

  2. Hi Bunty

    Everyone does love the sun! My little nieces have gone to the beach how cute. The weather must be front page news in Scotland, it’s always freezing there.

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