You Either Love It Or Hate It

The Guardian reported today that the much loved British yeast extract product, Marmite, has been banned in Denmark for being fortified with added vitamins.

The ban follows a range of products since 1984 that have been removed from the shelves, including Horlicks, Ovaltine and Farley’s Rusks. All products that I was given in abundance as a child.

Does Denmark have no foods fortified with added vitamins? Our shelves are stocked with them. Whilst nutritionists claim that they should not replace the natural option, they certainly are not claimed to be harmful.

Some expats in Denmark are claiming that it is another product to be banned because it is foreign. Really? Are the Danes so concerned about the infiltration of foreign products? Is Marmite really going to start a anti-Dane revolution?

I for one love Marmite and would certainly miss it from the shelves. My husband on the other hand thinks the Danes have got sense to ban the brown sticky stuff.


5 Comments to “You Either Love It Or Hate It”

  1. A Norwegian friend told me they stock up on strepsils and other meds when they come to the UK as some ingredients are banned in Norway. It makes me wonder why we are allowed to consume ingredients that others consider harmful.

    Re Marmite, I hate the stuff and yeast excrat has long been considered bad for health so I am with the Danes on that one. However, Vegmite is a FAB alternative.

  2. It is debatable whether marmite is bad for your health. BBC list 10 facts about marmite. No.10 is below.
    It’s good for you. Despite the Danish doubts about the effects on people’s health, Marmite could actually be good for you. Nutritionist Melanie Brown says: “Marmite plays such a useful part in many people’s diet, and it’s incredibly useful for older people who are short in vitamin B-12. It’s full of folic acid, and there’s lots of evidence that many women, young women of child-bearing age are deficient in folic acid.”

    Marmite complies with EU food regulations – only the Danes consider it harmful. Interestingly it was created by accident by a German and is named after a French casserole. Very multinational!!!

  3. Do the danes look better than us? I think not.

  4. I don’t see us Brits dying any younger than the Danes. So surely these added vitamins are not harmful enough to justify being banned. There’s no need to be that over protective.

  5. Taste of London just tweeted that chocolate with a hit of marmite is just divine. I am tempted…..

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