Penelope’s Pit Stop

Hasn’t the experience of driving long distance changed in Britain?  I used to dread the service stations with their awful smelly loos and stale sandwiches or greasy spoon McDonalds alternatives.

It is wonderful that Waitrose, M&S and coffee chains have been let loose on our motorways and facilities have been improved with some ladies loos even having cut flowers!  These motorway supermarkets have saved me from forgotten birthdays and even last minute dinner parties (can’t turn up empty handed…).  I’m driving to Scotland this week and it’s good to know I can have caffeine injections all the way up and pick up some calorific treats for my mum to break her Ramadan fast with.


One Comment to “Penelope’s Pit Stop”

  1. Isn’t it great Bubbly???! We stopped at this service station that even had a children’s play area. The kids had a great half hour whilst we had a coffee.
    Enjoy your trip.

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