Attack of the Mosquitoes

NHS Direct have reported a 15% increase in insect bites and claim that most of the incidents are by swarms of mosquitoes!! Have you been bitten sitting in your garden or in the park? I have, repeatedly!


Living near a stream doesn’t help, but these awful insects that didn’t seem to be on British land, have finally invaded us. I have a particular hatred for them as my legs and arms are savaged on every long distance holiday I go on.

Since a very bad episode of mosquito bites in India, my mum resorted in giving me her herbal treatment of “bitter gourd” juice everyday for a couple of weeks prior to travel. It tasted vile but seemed to work. Now, it has been suggested that I drink this juice throughout the summer in England! Makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Apparently there are 30 species of mosquitoes here including the malaria carrying “anopheles mosquito” of which only the female feed off human blood. Treatment for mosquito bites is widely available. It is more a sore and painful inconvenience rather than deadly. However, thankfully, the Asian Tiger mosquito which carries Dengue fever has not hit our shores yet, as there is no antidote for its sting.


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