Best Foot Forward

I read an article recently of a woman in her twenties who was waiting for surgery on her bunions due to constantly wearing ill-fitting shoes and high heels from a very young age.  Bunions are that growth near your big toe that over time pushes your toe to almost a 30 degree angle and will ultimately need to be fixed through, often painful, surgery and lengthy recovery but this used to only affects women over the age of 45.

As fashionable heels get higher I thought perhaps this is not such an unusual story and had a look at the choice available for wide footed Cinderellas prevention is, after all, better than cure.

The bad news is that the choice is pretty awful and limited which is sad considering the leaps in quality and style that the good ol’ British High Street stores have in clothing.   The good news is that wide-fit shoes are quite low cost and at least there is some choice that avoids one having to shop in Clarks – points for trying the re-branding game but the shoes are still 99% frumpy!

The multi-coloured peep toes above are only £17.99 from New Look and the nude peep toes are from Next and cost £26.  Best for choice is New Look but the usual High Street suspects such as Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and so on all have a selection.  Of course it’s advisable not to wear heels all the time to give feet a rest.



4 Comments to “Best Foot Forward”

  1. I have quite wide feet and always find high heels a struggle as they just hurt to squeeze my feet into. Marks & Spencers have been great for me. I do find LK Bennet great for wider feet as they leather they use is really soft and moulds around your feet making high heels wearable. Kurt Geiger, painful!!!

  2. p.s. my feet have got wider since having children. Bizarre but I understand this can happen…..:(

  3. I have wide feet and I think I’m starting to get bunions! Anyone know what I can do now? I have to wear heels for my work. However, it’s my loafers that really rub up against them and kill!

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