Hit the Eject Button

As the Top of the Bailout Pops continues I will provide a useful summary of the single currency crisis so far:

Bailout received:

Portugal €78 billion

Italy N/A (yet)

Ireland € 77 billion

Greece € 164 billion (plus €88 billion ‘hair cut’)

Spain (aka SMUG as they didn’t originally succumb to the 2008 banking crisis and were quite pleased with themselves) € 76 billion

Cyprus €1.8 billion

Funds available:

EU bailout fund (officially European Financial Stability Facility) € 440 billion

Germany contributed € 211 billion and is the only country setting the terms.

WHEN will the single currency zone see it is over, they are bankrupt and that they will be owned by Germany in every way except on paper and who knows? Perhaps even on paper.

Auf Wiedersehen, pet!!


P.S. I found it difficult to get consistent bailout numbers so if any of you know more accurate figures please do add them in the comments.

3 Comments to “Hit the Eject Button”

  1. when you see the numbers like that they’re mind boggling.

  2. Well, Spain does now have a fantastic infrastructure. I can travel from Madrid to Malaga in 2.5 hours on the train – if I drove it would be 6 or 7 hours. In comparison, the drive from London to Edinburgh takes the same time, but it takes over 4 hours on the train.
    Beat that Britain! And thanks for paying for it Germany!!

  3. I got the London – Edinburgh train and it took me 6.5 hours. Good lord

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