Imaginary Friends

It’s a normal part of growing up but for the parents of children that have imaginary friends it can be quite creepy and even verge on frightening.

A couple of my nieces and nephews seem to have good and friendly relationships with their imaginary friends but my cousins find themselves double checking corridors and behind doors as they listen to their children.  They said it was all the more bewildering as they don’t know how to discourage the friendship or how to react especially when the dialogue between their children and the imaginary friend becomes quite intense and over-familiar.

Do children simply repeat phrases and conversations they hear between adults or one-sided conversation they pickup when their parents are on the telephone?



2 Comments to “Imaginary Friends”

  1. My daughter has imaginary friends just as I did when I was a child. Hers however, serve many purposes depending on moods. She has tea parties with her imaginary friends and does as you say repeat conversations she may hear us say. it is quite funny. I guess creepy to some, but it is all part of growing up.

  2. This is so freakyyyyy …. I would be convinced there is a ghost in my house. Has anyone seen Paranormal Activity where the kid has an imaginary friend and it’s a very evil ghost brrrr shudder

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