US Presidential Countdown

Four years ago, Barrack Obama won the greatest ever Presidential victory known in modern history. I never believed that I would see an African American sit in the White House as President of the USA.

Memories of euphoria, of utterly disbelief and of hope filled the world. I do wonder what emotions will fill the world after this election?

Four years on, Barrack Obama is fighting for his seat in power with a marginal lead. After 4 years in office, his campaign was rather lack lustre. Who can blame him for feeling worn down. The Republican Congress tried and mostly managed to block every bill he tried to pass with a mission to ensure that Obama would only be a one term President. His modest Health Care Bill was a massive victory that cannot be underestimated by the world at large. Without going into his successes and failures, no one can argue that his term in office has been anything but turbulent.

His opposition, Mitt Romney, prides himself of traditional family values that America was built upon. He lives the American dream. He believes that his business background stand him in good stead to deliver a better economy and create more jobs. He policies seem to reflect a continuation of the Bush era. Do Americans really want to go back? As a Morman he is anti abortion, anti gay, anti alcohol, anti everything except money…. Only votes will tell whether old fashioned Morman values still have a place in modern America.

Obama or Romney????



2 Comments to “US Presidential Countdown”

  1. Fingers crossed Barack receives a majority this time round he was so crippled the last 4 years in power.

    I have to say I grow tired of his monotonous voice but I truly hope he wins. It is chilling to see Mitt Romney so close in the polls running up to the election and I have watched in disbelief at abortion being an election issue in 2012 and the terrible god-sanctioned rape clams of the Republican party.

  2. Congratulations Obama. What a relief!

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