Does Charity Begin At Home?

The government announced yesterday that £2 billion will be put towards “Climate Aid” in developing countries to help countries such as Columbia and Uganda go green.

How do you feel about this news?

I am all for richer nations supporting poorer ones, however, is Britain still a rich nation? The Autumn statement by the Chancellor today declared that Britain needed to further tighten its belt, more cutbacks and austerity was the way forward to bring down our deficit. Are we still trying to play rich man poor man but yet, Britain seems to be a “squeezed middle” with rising unemployment, increasing inflation and record lows in interest rates.

Well, if I haven’t got enough in my pocket to feed my family, I certainly would struggle to feed others.

Not so sure on the priorities of this one.


One Comment to “Does Charity Begin At Home?”

  1. the government should put the money in to creating jobs for its own people.

    charity begins at home!!!!

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