A Kaleidoscope of Colour

Rajdeep Ranawat1

Designer Rajdeep Ranawat’s collection was inspired by a hypothetical world with a hint of exotic Medieval.  The collection featured intricate embroideries and lovely accessories.  The Elton John embellished glasses were my favourite.

Rajdeep Ranawat2

Rajdeep Ranawat3

Rajdeep Ranawat4

All designs above are by Rajdeep Ranawat

Ekru by Ekta Jaipuria and Ruchira Kandhari  cited a celebration of Indian culture and festivities as their inspiration.  When this collection hits the stores it will certainly be in time for the festive calendar and the queues will form in particular for the daffodil yellow story!






All designs above are by Ekru

Sonia Jetleey’s inspiration for her collection came from eclectic sources such as Sicily, baroque architecture and dance, in particular that of the Peacock.  The collection was wonderfully colourful and sure to cheer up a dull Winter.

Sonia Jetleey

Sonia Jetleey2

Sonia Jetleey3

Sonia Jetleey4

Designs above are by Sonia Jetleey


4 Comments to “A Kaleidoscope of Colour”

  1. I’ve never been a fan of watching catwalk shows – they do nothing for me. With their purposefully outlandish designs, they are totally inaccessible to a normal person. With regards the bottom designer, while the shapes are more wearable they are dated and the prints are disgusting. Why is this person allowed to design? I think my 7 year old neice would do a better job…

  2. Lord (and my sister) knows I am no expert in this field BUT I believe designers just showcase a taster at catwalks don’t they .. so they don’t expect or want their clothes to be worn this way. I love going to catwalk shows – they are a lot of fun and I love to think “SHE’S not THAT pretty” like I am a goddes by comparison

  3. Wow Indian fashion is really diverse!

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