Rihanna 1 Topshop 0

Rihanna topshop t shirt

Nice to say something nice about Rhianna that doesn’t include her bum cheeks. (On that note, put them away Rhianna I’m trying to eat my cocopops).

She won her case against Topshop for using her image on their T-shirts. Topshop tried to argue that the photographer owned the copyright in the photo (correct) and it had paid the photographer for the image. Rhianna argued that Topshop customers would be led to believe that she endorsed the product. She won! Hurrah!

It really REALLY annoys me how much these companies steal ideas from creatives, most of whom will never be able to sue and simply have to see their art being stolen so well done to Rhianna.

But before I leave, what is it with girls walking around with images of girls on their T-shirts. Typically a plain girl will wear an image of a hot woman. Do you really want the direct comparison that you look rougher than your vest? I don’t get it. I am not as fit as Rhianna, I wouldn’t want her face anywhere near mine! I just don’t get it…


2 Comments to “Rihanna 1 Topshop 0”

  1. I’m glad Rihanna took on Topshop. I’ve heard far too many stories of my artsy friends having their ideas totally ripped off by Topshop in particular, but it doesn’t stop at the high street unfortunately.

    Banks are notorious for stealing ideas from software developers and unfortunately for the small people, they often just can’t afford to fight a case all the way through a long and lengthy court process.

  2. Agreed – Topshop are notorious for ripping off other desingers’ work. I’ve heard that loads of final year students see their hard work suddenly appear in the display window at Topshop. Also if you’re an Indie designer with a rail in Topshop’s “boutique” then they monitor what is selling well of yours and rip it off withi seconds. Want to complain? Or keep your rail?

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