Candlelight Club London

Anniversary-Ball candlelight club london

Ever since Downton Abbey, we have all been lining up to party like the roaring 20s. The Great Gatsby encouraged us even more. So slender, so sexy, so love your fringe, darling.

The Candlelight Club is ace, organised at various venues announced late on and set in the 20s, it is a fabulous night out. I went to the New Orleans Mardi Gras night (phew, what a mouthful). I wore a beautiful long emerald green dress with a gold belt and slits up the front. My hair was a chic up do in a bob and I had a gorgeous clip to hold it in place. I felt so glamorous and as I walked into the club a lovely guy told me I looked amazing! (ok, he was probably one of the evening’s character actors but hey, I’m still going to appreciate it).

Everyone looked fabulous, there was a live band and a noisy fun atmosphere in a disused warehouse setting just behind Angel tube. You could order food and have your fortune read too!

If you’re single I would especially recommend it as there were loads of good looking guys dressed up and eager to dance. I danced with anyone who promised not to spin me (me + a bottle of prosecco inside me do not like to be spun around and quite frankly it was not the 70s it was the 20s).

The only person who really crapped on my parade was a beautiful black woman speaking French in the loo queue. You can’t get more New Orleans than that! God, she was hot!

Go to the next one! You won’t be disappointed!


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