A Tale of Two Indian Brides

Manish Malhotra 1

Manish Malhotra IICW 2014

Manish Arora 1

Manish Arora IICW 2014

A tale of two Indian brides and two very different Manish’s!

Indian designers, Manish Malhotra and Manish Arora have a cult global following for their distinctive designs, demonstrating the diversity of bridal fashion in India, a segment often overly saturated by lazy embellished designs.Manish Malhotra 8

Manish Malhotra IICW 2014

Manish Malhotra 10

Manish Malhotra IICW 2014

Manish Malhotra sets the tone for mainstream bridal fashion each season instantly creating demand for the embroidery technique he selects in addition to cuts and colour palettes. So in the same order, the embroideries he adopted this season are zari and mirrorwork, the cuts are generally full lehengas and the colours are any shade of gold or ruby.

Manish Malhotra is also a staunch fan of Kashmir and Kashmiri craft work and his couture collections are mostly produced there over four months periods.  Bollywood starlet, Alia Bhatt wore Manish’s prize creation of the evening: a gorgeous embroidered ruby bridal outfit reportedly weighing 20kg! The subtle blouse balanced the heavy embroidery which had a beautiful vintage charm to it.

Manish Arora 4

Manish Arora IICW 2014

Where Manish Malhotra stays within tradition, Manish Arora turns his back on it.  Showcasing his Indian by Manish Arora bridal collection at the French Embassy, from the show notes and first look it was apparent: this is not for the usual blushing bride.  Deep V necklines, intense repeat motifs and fluoro/psychadelic colours were certainly eye catching.

Manish Arora 5

Manish Arora IICW 2014

I often find Manish’s creations an oddity. I’d love to interview the women who are comfortable in it and who feel it speaks to them.  His designs are inimitable and he is talented for sure but are there enough women in the world of Lady Gaga’s ilk to make a business from?  There are not many Indian brides who would dare to wear his gowns especially the breast baring ones and European brides often opt for a more elegant look.  Remember how demure even selfie-obsessed Kim Kardashian was at her wedding?


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  1. Hhhmmm will be interesting to see if anyone tries out the face paint for their big day!

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