All Hail Mayor Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan The Chatterjis Blog

What an amazing city London is. Not only a world capital, a fashion capital, an art and architectural capital, but can it now claim to to be the most tolerant and integrated capital city?

After what everyone agrees was a racist, vicious campaign by the Tories and their candidate, Zac Goldsmith, the majority election of Sadiq Khan by the people of London shows how different Londoners are from those in the heart of political power.  Apart from the religion, the narrative presented by Sadiq Khan was much more understandable to the ‘average’ London, if there is one.

Perhaps only a day after his victory, I watched an interview of Sadiq Khan by one of my favourite journalists, Christiane Amanpour (LOVE her extensive collection of safari jackets) on CNN.  in it, he relates some of his values and that he is a proud feminist and a father of two daughters, that it’s important for him to see that Londoners aren’t priced out of London, that there is zero tolerance of discrimination of any kind.

Watch it if you can!


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