I Am Not Answering That Question

Over the weekend that just passed I was at an event and met a celebrity comedian who was doing a gig at the same place later in the evening.

He introduced himself to me at lunch time and over the course of day we conversed over a range of subjects, nothing special, mainly small talk but I did mention that I’m not really into stand up comedy. I then got given a free ticket and was seated directly in front of him at eye level in the auditorium. I cringed, thinking I would be a target and later he told me he was stressing to see if I was enjoying myself considering what I told him.

As the evening plodded along and other people joined us he asked me all of a sudden whether I had a Brazilian.  I ignored the question and carried on talking about another subject when he repeated his question followed by an explanation that he was enquiring how I managed my hair ‘down there’ just in case I didn’t understand. I told him that I knew what he was talking about but I was not going to answer the question which shocked him.

Imagine! He was not shocked that 12 hours earlier I didn’t even know him and all of a sudden he felt comfortable enough to ask me such a sexual and personal question. He was simply shocked that I didn’t answer his question, perhaps because he was a celebrity and he felt that gave him rights outside the norm or perhaps he had asked other women who obliged him with a response.

Needless to say we didn’t speak for much longer but is that an acceptable small talk subject?


2 Comments to “I Am Not Answering That Question”

  1. Well he’s certainly a bit of a douche!

  2. Bubbly,
    I don’t doubt that this guys celebrity status has licensed him to speak without consequence. Also, I am sure that your refusal to answer his question was a new experience for him.
    I hate to think what his gig was like.

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