Bugaboo Donkey Hits The Streets

The Rolls Royce of pushchairs has launched its new addition, Bugaboo Donkey. The Bugaboo, originally launched in 1999, has become synonymous with a certain kind of urban parenting; wealthy, style conscious and slightly over-involved. In certain parenting circles it is referred to as the Smugaboo. The price of this contraption is between £900 and £1200. Despite it’s name, which is already doing its round of jokes, it already has a waiting list!

It really is the aspirational pushchair and finally it comes as a duo, so parents with two small children can buy into the Bugaboo brand. However, at £1200, is it really worth it?

Well, purchasing a bugaboo is like purchasing a car. Any addition you make to the chassis and carry cot, even the colour, you have to pay extra. You reach £1200 very quickly and all you have added is a raincover and fleece lining (I am being sarcastic, of course).However, it is really lightweight, easy to use and very practical.

I was immediately attracted to the bugaboo when I was looking for a pram because it had such great reviews. I loved it. I didn’t end up choosing it, but I can certainly see why it is one of the highest selling brands.


One Comment to “Bugaboo Donkey Hits The Streets”

  1. Sounds like the Ferrari of prams – Is it a status symbol amongst parents? I’m single so have no idea of it’s real function. Pimp My Ride comes to mind with this though! 😉

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