Bea’s Bow on Ebay

For an ensemble that was despised by every fashionista,Princess Beatrice’s hat designed by milner Philip Treacy, is getting quite  a lot of attention. It seems to be in the media every day for one reason or another and has become the most unlikely star of the Royal Wedding with a Facebook page dedicated to it.

Today The Evening Standard reported that the hat that Bea wore is now being sold on Ebay.

Bids are at £18,400. Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne started the bid with £5,000 and later the Aussie kids entertainment duo, The Wiggles, bid £17,500 for the hat.

Monies raised from the sale of the hat are going to UNICEF.

Let’s pretend monies are not going to UNICEF and you are bidding at an auction for this piece of history. What would you bid for this crazy creation?


2 Comments to “Bea’s Bow on Ebay”

  1. That hat raised over £80,000 for charity in the end. Well done product placement!

  2. Thanks for the update. I think Princess Bea was extremely brilliant at turning those who were laughing at her into something so positive. Do you know who got the hat?

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