Encourage Your Alter Ego

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Peter Parker and Spiderman, Beyonce and Sasha citizens will be encouraged to develop a split personality and alter ego in order to revive markets and increase global trade.  Both personalities will need vast quantities of material consumption: two wardrobes, two bookshelves, two homes…. it will be the most expensive hobby on earth.

The Oracle of Delhi

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3 Comments to “Encourage Your Alter Ego”

  1. Brilliant! One of me will be a good Asian girl I will cook and clean while I study medicine. The other me will drink and smoke and sleep with 100 men!

  2. Now I have the excuse I needed to get ruby slippers

  3. Excellent beyonce and Sasha is just too much!
    My alter ego would be made of sugar and spice and all things nice! I on the other hand am a bit crazy with pmt at the moment !

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