Aid For Trade

There was something quite disturbing about listening to the news on British aid to India last night. The message that came across loud an clear was “you buy our fighter jets and we will give you aid”? Is Britain trying to buy Indian contracts with promises of aid? Andrew Mitchell, Development Secretary describes it as being part of the round. Surely aid and commercial business should be separate entities with clearly defined boundaries…

Then rises the question of whether a country that has more billionaires than Britain with an economy growing at 7% needs £280 million of aid from debt ridden Britain?

Of course the stark reality is that millions of people live for less than £1 a day. Journalist Rahul Bedi describes the disparity between rich and poor as being is so great that although there is plenty of money, corruption prevents the redistribution of wealth and aid. Tell us something we don’t know. However, corruption is not limited to India’s use of aid. Clearly from this report, it is also here in the UK. The golden handshake of aid for trade is just as corrupt and now about to bite Britain on the proverbial as India look to France to equip them with military aircrafts.

Andrew Mitchell accompanied David Cameron on his post electoral visit to India, to establish better trading relationships. This was his strategy.



2 Comments to “Aid For Trade”

  1. Not that it justifies the aid for trade, but we didn’t even get the contract France did. I wonder how much aid the French are giving…

    It was in one of the Indian newspapers this week that an Indian billionaire paid over £400 million CASH for the Grovesnor Park Lane. That makes the UK’s aid package look like pennies.

  2. So much for the Conservatives for signing the International Development Act of 2002

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