Litter Bug

Immigration really does need to advocate “no littering” to those applying for residency in this country. Southall, Wembley, Newham etc.. is treated like a dustbin. Residents lack care in keeping their streets clean and happily toss their rubbish into the streets.

Today I witnessed a woman who left her post behind her stall in front of a shop to throw an apple and a rolled up piece of newspaper onto the road instead of taking it indoors and putting it in a bin or putting it in the roadside bin less than 20m from her.

Litter droppers are a bugbear for me. It is polluting, dirty, vermin attracting and totally unnecessary. So my instant reaction was to be a “Litter Police”, pick up the litter and hand it back to her to put in the bin. I told her I was from Ealing Council and that I would be reporting the business for littering. She apologised straight away without asking for identification and said that it would not happen again. How hard would it be to keep a small bag by her side for her litter.

It is not necessary to become as militant about litter as Singapore, but it would be great if the residents of the UK would care about the streets we walk in.


2 Comments to “Litter Bug”

  1. There is no good reason for littering.

  2. Littering is sad and shows a lack of care and concern for one’s environment and also for others, however, it isn’t just immigrants who litter.

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