Gay? Get Over It

The London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has intervened to ban a right-wing Christian group’s adverts going up on London buses.  The adverts were apparently a response to another group’s advert: Some people are gay: Get over it!

Inevitably there is the debate about free speech but I think in this case the Mayor was correct to intervene as the advertisement made the claim that being homosexual is a choice and could be cured with therapy.

My concern is the right-wing lobbyists, is Britain’s special friendship with the USA allowing the free movement of Christian extremists?  Women have been able to have legal abortions in Britain for decades except now anti-abortionists are getting media space.  Why is this?

I abhor extremism of any kind, the USA is a nice demonstration of what happens when Christian extremists are left unchecked.


One Comment to “Gay? Get Over It”

  1. Every now and then Boris does do something sensible..

    I can’t believe in 2012 we are still treating “gays” as a condition to be cured

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