Two Mummies

Dear Diary,

On a day out in Haggerston Park, in Shoreditch, my four year old daughter was asked by another toddler where her daddy was. Before my daughter had the chance to reply, the toddler’s mother said in a very matter of fact way, “no darling, she has two mumies”.

I had to stop myself from laughing out loud. Within moments of meeting this mother and daughter, me and my best friend had been labelled as gay, just because two women were taking a child to the park.

When explaining that her daddy was at home and she was out with her aunty, the women went red with embarrassment, apologised and said “I didn’t want her to be presumptuous”. Times have really changed if it is presumptuous to ask a child where her father is. In fact, it was the mother who was being presumptuous.

I realised that in Shoreditch, where they may be more gay couples with children, there needs to be much more sensitivity then where I live.

My lesson learnt here is, let the child answer.



One Comment to “Two Mummies”

  1. Or, for the mother to say, “perhaps she has two mummies”. And if the child has a single parent, that question might hurt her. I like the expression of tolerance, even though it might be better expressed: it will be, in time.

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