Gallant Loser

What a Wimbledon final!!! Britain hasn’t seen a finalist in Wimbledon in 74 years and despite Andy Murray’s bad PR a few years ago, it really felt like the nation was behind him and what a worthy finalist he was. The last British champion was Fred Perry in 1936 and in the first set, it looked like he it could be Andy Murray’s day.

His post match summary was extremely British. Dignified in defeat heralding the champion and ready to move on.

After all, he did get beat by the World’s no 1 player, Roger Federer who has a mission of his to beat Pete Sampras’s grand slam total. It really was end to end stuff and the best bit of tennis I have seen in years from a British player. What was more significant was unlike the how the nation felt when England lost against Italy in the Euro’s, we had a sense of pride yesterday. Murray played the best tennis he could have and against any other opponent, would be holding the beautiful trophy with his name on.

Thanks Andy for giving us sporting pride ahead of London 2012 Olympics.



One Comment to “Gallant Loser”

  1. It was a nail biting final even though we all knew Federer was the likely winner. It felt like if we all wished hard enough Andy would win. Better luck next time, we were all rooting for you!

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