Olympic Security Scandal

Well, who can’t organise a p**s up in a brewery?????


Amazingly the London Olympic organising committee commissioned one company, G4S, to hire and train 10,000 security guards for London 2012 and now the Territorial Army have been called in because they have a workforce shortage.

With two weeks to go, you would think that security would be the most important thing at these Olympics. A contract worth £283million was awarded to G4S and only now has it come to light that the company is falling thousands short of its remit.

The same Army that is being made redundant after the Olympics is the one that is needed to cover the shortfall of a badly managed recruiting program. What is really saddening is that the security industry is being hit drastically by the recession and many families are facing difficult times. This employment would be valued by many out of work and already trained security guards had G4S sub contracted or LOCOG not put all their eggs in one basket.

What a cock-up.


2 Comments to “Olympic Security Scandal”

  1. G4S boss Nick Buckles says he is going to bank £60million for managing the contract. That’s our tax paying money!!! It’s daylight robbery.

  2. It really is shocking but there you go, that’s the way Britain is now. Rich people have a whole different set of rules and their cronies in government make contracts for them ensuring they don’t get fines/punishment for not fulfilling their obligations. Three cheers for Britain.

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