Dubai: The Gloss Peels Off


News that Dubai has pardoned the 24 year old Norweigian woman’s 16 month sentence after reporting being raped has come as welcome news.  The story became a PR disaster for the country with many newspapers and TV channels musing how to digest the glitzy image Dubai portrays with the sheer daft misogyny of the Norweigian woman’s ordeal.

Of course, in context, she is actually lucky as she is Western imagine what the local women have to go through.  Dubai sells itself as a 7 star holiday heaven for those whose idea of a holiday consists of shopping in malls and sitting in AC 24/7.  Come join the party! Bring your helicopter! Buy an apartment while you’re here!  Just don’t be a woman…simples!!

We’ve said it time and again here on The Chatterjis Blog hurt countries and companies you dislike by spending your money some place else until it catches up and treats the other 50% of the human population with the 21st Century and treats women as equals.  Giving a jail sentence to a victim of sexual assault is disgusting. What’s even worse for us is that the sentence for both the victim and the rapist did not even acknowledge or mention sexual assault and rape as the sentence was for sex outside marriage and drinking alcohol implying that the sex was consensual.

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One Comment to “Dubai: The Gloss Peels Off”

  1. I was so shocked to read this story – this was the final straw for me, I will not be holidaying in Dubai. Or the Maldives either after the horrific treatment of a raped teen there.

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